Thursday, 1 June 2017

First or Last. Alpha or Omega.

I am in constant feelings of joy at the beauty of the poppies of France. Everywhere I go I see them in little crops and bunches and fields red wit them. These ones were just along the edge to the path I cycled. There are also beautiful little delicate blue flowers. 

Yesterday I saw so many butterflies of varying kinds and colours. Overwhelmed by beauty.

I am getting better at understanding what is being said to me and what I am hearing but sometimes I still have to make guesses. I often find myself smiling as I wonder just what the heated conversation I am overhearing is about.

Who is having the last word?

Three people were in the office. The sales representative, the administrative clerk and the manager owner.

They spotted an old lamp that seemed to have appeared from nowhere. One of them gave it a little rub to dust it and out popped the genie of the lamp.

The genie in return for his freedom offered them each a wish.

Without a thought and in a flash the sales rep said that he wished he was in a land of sea and sand and palm trees with a never ending amount of Pino Coladas, with the love of his life beside him.

In a whoosh he was off.

The clerk in almost as fast a reaction wished he was sailing the seas in his luxury yacht. A beautiful lady with him.

In a whoosh he was off.

It was now the turn of the manager owner. 

He thought for a moment then said that he wished his two employees were back at their desks immediately after the lunch hour.

Act in haste and repent at leisure. To not be too quick to make snap decisions. Have the last word not the first.

Have a wonderful day.

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