Sunday, 25 June 2017

What did you say?

I t is finished! Have painted it and repainted it, I have changed the eye colours about five times. I have used different colour combinations and at last think it is a distinct improvement on the black and white version I did of this same picture.

I also heard President Macron of France quoting John Lennon in the last few days so here it is.

This is an iconic photograph of John Lennon and I am sure it has been painted many many times by many artists each adding or changing to reach what they think says it best. 

As I painted it I was thinking of the give peace a chance song. I have a little button badge for all those years ago with a CND badge and a rainbow with the words give peace a chance. The colours speak to me but I am sure they will not speak to all.

I could of course be like my very good friend and develop selective hearing.  Somedays he has his hearing aids in his ears and switched on so he can hear all that is being said. Others days they are in place but switched off and he nods as if he is listening. Other days they are just not there at all. Somedays they are even lost altogether.

This was like the old lady who was aware that her hearing was becoming very defective. She made an appointment through her doctor to be seen by a specialist in hearing. 

After two consultations she was fitted with new and modern hearing aids. They were very small and very effective. 

After using them for about three weeks she had to return to the specialist for a check up. She sat down and he asked her in a fairly gentle quiet voice how they were doing? "Marvellous," she said, 'I can hear so much I have web missing."

"How about the family? are they also pleased with the results.?"

"Oh I haven't told them yet, They cannot see them behind my hair. I have changed my will three times since I last spoke to you."

He smiled, "All is well then.'

Have a great day and give peace a chance. 

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