Thursday, 15 June 2017

Politicians !!!

One f the most beautiful things about nature is how often it surprises you. Out cycling yesterday and another tortoise wandered over the road just in front of my wheels. So much bigger than the other one I lifted over the road a few days ago. Once again I lifted it from the road and put it into the grass area where he plodded off much faster than I thought they could move. 

Then I came across these flowers just at the edge of the woodland.

What a pleasant break from hearing about the working and machinations of politicians. Now I make sure that this blog never strays into judgemental comments about people but sometimes I feel like giving myself a free haircut and pulling my hair out.

There are those who will say anything, spin anything, and say they are doing it for the good of others and the country. One comment, believe it if you like!

During my ministry I met many politicians of all persuasions. I remember though an event where a local priest was about to be promoted and leaving his parish. I was leaving mine also for pastures new.

He was having a farewell and I was invited along as a guest speaker as was the local member of parliament.

The time arrived for the speeches. The MP was supposed to be first but he was late, I make no comment. I was invited to speak and gamey speech, still no sign of the politician. So the priest himself decided to say a few words.

He began, "I remember my first days here in the parish, I was really worried, where had I arrived what sort of place was this?  My first confession only made this worse. it was the worst confession I had ever heard. 

The chap confessed he had stolen a television from his neighbour and lied to the police blaming one of his so called friends. He had stolen money from his employer. He had had affairs with the wives of many of his friends, he had taken and sold drugs. he even admitted to having relationships with his sister.

I was in a state of sheer shock and worry, 

As the days went on I realised that this chap was an exception to the rule. The people of the parish were wonderful and there were many caring people who made me feel at home welcomed and loved.

Decent and kind people."

At that point the politician arrived. Oh how busy he was so very sorry for his late coming. So much to do. 

He was invited to make his speech.

He bagan, I remember when Father O' Shaunessey  first came to this parish. In fact I am one hundred percent certain that I was the first person in the parish that he heard confession."

Now that is what you call putting your foot well in it. Or was it  a last confession and coming clean before the departure of the priest?

Have a wonderful day and may nature smile upon you.

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