Tuesday, 6 June 2017

It is not always what you see!

Things are not always what they seem to be. I think this little abstract is maybe just a bit too obvious to be anything other than what it is in reality. I was sitting beside the tree I painted yesterday just relaxing and enjoying the moment.  My eye honed in on the tree and I saw its bark in fine detail. I had already painted and abstract of bark in detail, not yet sure about it, but this time I thought I would allow my mind to go free. 

I am aware there are not many pink trees around but I saw a little hint and just exaggerated it.

So I made little changes to what was there.

This reminded me of a true event that touched me deeply. 

A bling man was sitting on the corner of Castle Street and Princess Street in Edinburgh. He had a cap on the ground in front of him and a badly written cardboard notice. The notice read, "I am blind please help."

It seemed all the passers by were also blind and the cap lay empty. 

An advertising agent was passing and stopped to read the caption. he dropped some money into the cap. He then took out of his pocket a large marker pen. he turned the notice over and wrote on the card.

He replaced it and almost at once money started dropping into the cap. The blind man was moved to tears and asked what was now written on the board.

It now read, "It is a beautiful day the sun is shining. You can see this I cannot."

Sometimes we just need a little prompt to see things as others do, or in this case did not see.

It is simple to pass by or ignore and not all beggars are users and liars. I got to know the blind man and he was trying his very best to manage but now and again just needed a little lift. he taught me much about life things I still remember today.

Before Jim makes a comment let me say it, "Sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees."

Have a wonderful day.

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