Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Roll Up Roll Up

While walking the other day I came across another of my favourite flowers. They always make me smile. I have painted them before but feel happy with this one.

The other thing I saw for the first time this year was a circus. I always find this so sad when I come across one. They are usually pitched up in a field and around the edge you can often see the cages in which animals that will perform are kept. Not in cages but tethered there is camels and elephants.

I remember going to the circus as a child and being mesmerised by the sights and open mouthed at the lion tamer. Now I just feel a Depp sense of sadness for the animals. 

Fortunately there are still some circus where not a single animal is involved they are all spectacular acts involving daring deeds by humans.

This reminded me of the tale of the worlds strongest man and the bearded lady

In a circus, the Bearded Lady and the World's Strongest Man fell in love, and decided to start a family.
Soon the Bearded Lady fell pregnant.
A few weeks before she was due to give birth, the Bearded Lady and the circus ring-master were talking.
"How's it going?" the ring-master asked, "Are you well?"
"Yes thanks - very excited," said the bearded lady, "We have so many plans for the baby - we want to be supportive parents."
"That's nice," said the ring-master, "Do you want a boy or a girl?"
"Oh, we really don't mind as long as it's healthy," said the Bearded Lady, "And it fits into the cannon.."

Have a wonderful day with no unexpected explosions.

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