Wednesday, 14 June 2017


From time to time I have little dark spots in life, as we all do. I have had those moments all of my life sometimes they take me deep into the dark night of the soul. On other occasions meditation and the sight of something unexpected does the job of lifting me higher.

Yesterday I walked a path I walked two years ago and it was even after all this time a familiar route. But I had forgotten this the little roadside shrine. I saw it as I turned a bend and it all came back to me. It sat at the entrance to a field where an old man lived in his caravan surrounded by things that obviously brought him joy.

His little shrine brought joy to my heart. I could not resist this quick sketch. It was a very quick one, planting grasses with my pencil to remove his car and caravan. Peace on the roadside. 

One thing that never ever brings me such peace is a visit to the hairdresser, but it works for my wife. She made such a visit the other day and came back with her hair even shorter than mine. But she did enjoy having it done and it did look good. 

This brought to mind the tale of the dear old lady who was losing her hair with age.

One morning she looked in the mirror. She noticed she only had three hairs left on her head, and being positive she said, "I think I will braid my hair today." So she did and she had a marvellous day with her three hairs in a braid.

One morning a week or so later, she looked in the mirror to see she now only had two hairs left. She said, "I think today I will have a centre parting." She did just that parted them one each way, and she had a marvellous day.

The next morning she looked in the mirror to see only one remaining hair. "One hair eh, " she thought, "I will have a ponytail today." She did had she had a happy wonderful day.

The next time she looked in the mirror and she was completely bald. "Ah !" she sighed, "So at last I am bald, not a hair left."

"How wonderful! I will not to waste time thinking about my hairstyle anymore."

The art of positive thinking and not letting the dark moments take a grip. 

Have a wonderful day, do you need a comb or a brush?

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