Saturday, 17 June 2017

All in a days work.


Can I begin today by telling you about this little dog. It is a painting of the dog of an artist friend of mine. This lovely little dog dies a few years ago and is still sadly missed. She will assure you it is not photograph but indeed a painting as she watched me making changes suggested by her. This dog meant much to her and I hope my artwork does also.

Ask he what kind of dog it is sadly I have forgotten even though I feel close to the dogs I paint. have never yet painted a ct other than a tiger.

Now back to my thoughts about my day. There are so many varieties of dogs and equally , sadly, so many varieties of biscuits. 

I was in the store looking at them all and wondering what ones were the most tempting. This in turn reminded me of two tales both are very true let me assure you, I know the people involved.

The first is of the lady who worked on a production line in a factory making biscuits. She was being interviewed by television reporters about her work.

She told them she had worked there for 15 years packing biscuits into boxes. She was asked if she did the same Jonb all the time and reply that she had. When asked if she enjoyed it she said she loved the people she met and shared work with.

"Do you not find it boring?" she was asked. "No," she said, "Sometimes they change the biscuits.

We really should never judge others by our own mental judgements.

The other tale is equally true.

A member of my congregation taught in a school in a very deprived area. 

Every morning one of her pupils brought her a rather famous wafer biscuit. The teacher knew they were not cheap and also knew the child did not come from a wealthy background.

She thanked the young boy but one day took him aside and told him to tell his mother that it was so kind but not to go to such expense.

The next day the boy appeared again with the biscuit. The teacher asked him if he had told his mother what she had said. He told her he had but his mother had said not to worry because she worked in the factory that made the biscuits and she brought them out in her knickers.

So you see never jump to judgement. 

Have a great day and enjoy dunking your biscuit.

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