Thursday, 29 June 2017

A little Lift

The thing about being retired, or for that matter being on holiday, is that every day ends up being pretty much the same. I get up read my emails and head out for a morning walk. To be honest not really all that much different from being at home. D

We are in fact very much creatures of habit.  Now and again something breaks in and changes the pattern of the day. Like the darkening sky last night prior to a thunderstorm. It for about half an hour created an ethereal atmosphere of colour and feeling.

The poppies along the roadside took on a ghostly hue and it looked like something from another planet. 

I was thinking of this routine we create for ourselves and thought of the man who had applied and got a job working in a high rise office complex. 

He had been employed as a cleaner. On his first day he turned up early eager to get started. His employer was pleased with his attitude but reserved judgement.

The first job he was given was to clean the lifts, ( elevators) and he was given the various polishes and detergents for the task. 

Three days later his employer, who was sure he had gone the way of the three previous employees and walked out after the first morning on job.

Then she spotted him, still polishing the guard rail in the lift. "Are you still cleaning those lifts after three days?" he asked.

"Do you realise? There are forty floors in this complex, two lifts on each floor, and they are not always there?"

I sometimes wonder if I too am going round in circles achieving little. 

Have a great day and may it be a profitable one for you.

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