Friday, 2 June 2017

The war of the wolves.

I was out walking yesterday and saw this bloom that was similar to the old favourite Of lupins. My father used to grow and cross fertilise lupins creating a wide variety of poker like blooms. This bloom seems like a cross between them and a foxglove. 

As I stared at it I began not see only the bloom but it in the context of the greens and the wall behind it.  It became very much an abstract of life. Sadly as usual it does not show to its best.  I could not resist painting this almost as an abstract.

It fed my inner being and made me feel happy and it stuck with me all the way back to my van. I can still see it now making me smile.

It obviously fed the good part of my inner being.

Let me explain further.

An old Cherokee Indian was out walking with his grandson trying his best to respond to the many questions he was being bombarded with.

At that point they saw two wolves. The old man said these two wolves remind us of the inner battle that takes place within us all.

Let us call it the battle of the two wolves.

One walk is diligent, courageous, humble, benevolent and full of the joy of the beauty of the world around us and strives to protect this and be at one with it.

The other wolf is slothful, cowardly, vain, arrogant and full of self interest, anger, sorrow and envy.

They walked on and the grandson thought on his words. he then said, "Grandad if there is an inner war within us the war of the two wolves. Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee replied, " The one you feed."

I wonder which wolf was on top when President Trump said there was no need to care about the environment because climate change is a myth?

Sorry I am not trying to be political or argumentative I am just sad it seems that the beauty around us seems less important.

have a marvellous day. I wonder what beauty will hit me today. I have been passing an old ancient olive tree and trying to capture it in a drawing wondering what and who has passed it before me.

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