Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What does it cost.

The above painting was inspired by a photograph produced by a very talented photographer friend of mine. Her name is Susan Moss and her work can be see at Susan Moss Photography and on he Facebook page. Thank you Susan for allowing me to make my attempt at painting it.

When a friend allows you to take their creation and make something else of it it can often feel that the person has stolen something that was yours. Or you can see it as I hope Susan does as a compliment to her marvellous photography that inspired me to make my attempt at painting it.

You will see I really did not manage the challenge but I really did enjoy doing it.

There are times in life when we just have to admit we have been caught short.

Many years ago when I was still working as a butcher, I remember serving a customer who after I had totalled up her bill remembered she was wanting a bone for soup. I went into the backstop fridge and brought out a nice bone. Having spent a fair bit I told her she could have it for free. "Oh there must be something wrong with it can I have another?"

I returned to the back shop took a cleaver cut it in half and charged her three pence for it. She went off delighted, having spent something for half of what she was getting for free.

Another butcher friend of mine got caught out another way. He was actually being dishonest with his customer. 

She wanted to purchase a chicken. he brought one out and weighed it and told her it would cost her £2.35. "It is a bit small she said." He took it to the back shop brought it backed and weighed it again. "This one is £2.95," he said.

"I will tell you what," she said. "I will take both of them.

A gift is a gift and cheats usually get caught out.

Thanks again for the pleasure Susan I hope I did not spoil your beautiful photograph too much.

Have a wonderful day one and all.

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