Monday, 5 June 2017

Smart Answers.

I am surrounded by trees and woodland so many that I cannot stop drawing and painting them. This one is right at the back of my motorhome. A seat for a giant or a little elf? I have considered more than once jumping up there and sitting in its boughs. Sensible seems the better choice here. The bark is sharp and I am sure I would end up with a skinned knew.

The clever answer is, "Do not think about it."

Life is full of clever answers and clever choices.

A professor one day lifted his chair and sat it on his desk. He then went to the chalkboard ( got that right) and wrote on it. "Prove that this chair does not exist !"

His students set to work writing furiously composing long and complex answers. One student wrote for about half a minute and submitted his paper and left. The others looked on in amazement sure he had failed.

Next week the papers were given back and he had the top score.

He had written, "What Chair?"  he then wrote, "The  chair is actually a word on the board. The chair that exists is the one on the table."

How I wish I could make clever answers and choices like this.

Bishop invited a young priest to dinner. During the dinner it became obvious to him that the Bishop and his housekeeper had a little more than a spark of attraction for one another.

As the meal came to a close and he prepared to depart the Bishop whispered to him, "I can guess what you are thinking but the relationship is very proper.'

The priest left.

Three days later the housekeeper told the Bishop that a silver antique soup ladle had gone missing at the time of the priest visit. The Bishop did not think for one minute he had stolen it but agreed to write to him and ask.

He wrote, "Dear father , I am not saying that you did take a solid silver ladle from my home, and I am not saying you did not take it, but the fact is it has been missing since your visit."

The priest duly answered, "Your Excellency, Im not saying that "you do" sleep with your housekeeper , and I am not saying that you do not sleep with your housekeeper, but the fact is that if you were sleeping in your own bed, you would by now have found the silver ladle."

have a wonderful day reflecting on the things you see and hear. 

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