Thursday, 8 June 2017

Half A Glass

Can you remember when you first heard the saying about the glass being half empty or half full? I remember it to almost the very day.

I had said something negative and my old gran who I was staying with at the time told me to stop seeing the world and life in such a negative way. I asked her what she meant.

She went over to the kitchen sink and took down her drinking glass and half filled it with water. "Now tell me," she said. "Is this glass half full or half empty?" Being the little smart >>>> that I was I said it was both. "It is one or the other ," she said. So I fell into the trap and said half empty. Then I was told that I always looked at things in a pessimistic way and I should learn to be more positive about life..

There was a famous shoe factory in England. It was doing very well and the managing director was looking to increase productivity. One way of doing this was to seek out new markets abroad.

He called in two sales representatives and said he was going to pay  for them to go out to Africa and assess the possibility of a sales marketing drive in the two places.

Both men duly set off and flew to Africa and each went their separate ways.

After a few days the wrote up their reports and sent them back to the managing director.

The first one wrote, " There is not prospect here at all for the increase in sales they all have bare feet." The second one sent an almost identical report back. he wrote, " The potential here is amazing, nobody has any shoes they all walk about in their bare feet."

So one saw a negative response the other a positive both to identical situations.

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day here but in the afternoon there were strong winds. We were all either putting our awnings away or putting up the storm guys. When I walked out of the site and up the hill to my viewpoint I could see the sea covered in brightly  coloured sails of the many people taking full advantage of the wind to sailboard.

It is indeed an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Have a positive filled day with joyful challenges. For those in the uk it will be Election Day full of positives and negatives but the opportunity to show ones feelings.

Being out here in France my vote is already cast . That puts me alongside Andy Murray who is also here and postal voting.

Have a great day hope you do not have too far to go to make that vote.

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