Friday, 23 June 2017

You Can Do It

There is something wonderful about being on holiday as so many of my friends are just now. New places, new things to see and above all new faces to see and possibly new people to meet. 

I love being in new places and to stop and watch the world go past  wondering what people are about, where are they going? What is going on in their minds and thoughts?

As I see my friends on Facebook enjoying life because they are on holiday I often ask myself why can we not be such happy carefree people more often?

More than once during the past weeks I have set out for what I thought would be just another walk or cycle only to find myself in exciting places. Challenging me to do what I had not thought I would. Climbing, pot-holing and other such things.

But none as dangerous as The Great Zumbrati.

Zumbrati was a famous tightrope walker. He was challenged by a friend to walk on a tightrope strung across the Niagara Falls.

The day he was due to make his attempt a great number of people had gathered to watch. The day had turned foul with high winds and heavy rain. Common sense told him to call off but he looked at all those gathered and decided to make the attempt. He accomplished the feat in spite of the weather.

He was feeling both relieved and happy when he stepped of the rope to great applause.

Then as so often in life there appears somebody who want you to do even more. On this occasion one of his supporters urged him to make the return trip this time pushing a wheelbarrow.

Zumbrati was of course very reluctant given the terrible conditions. How could he get out of this.

"You can do it," said the supporter, "go on you know you can."

"You really do believe I can do this?" asked Zunbrati.

"Yes definitely you can do it."

"Ok," said Zumbrati, "get in the wheelbarrow.'

Beware what you challenge others to do it just may come back and bite you.

Have a wonderful day and if you are on holiday go find todays challenge.

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