Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Getting things sorted.

Living in a comparatively confined space means a great deal of coming and going give and take. In the morning I like to get up sharp and get shaved and dressed. Irene likes to get up and get the bed sorted and made. Now both of those events at the same time is just really not feasible. We just get in each others way. 

So I get myself organised and then Irene takes over. I have been jokingly saying that I have a tick box that I have to follow and complete before she can start. SO I go through the motions of ticking off the items on my imaginary spreadsheet.

Iam smiling just thinking about this daily performance. But it reminded me of the team that might have learned a lesson from me. 

The boards of the two fiercely competitive companies decided to organize a rowing match to challenge each other's organisational and sporting abilities. 
The first company was strongly "THEORY X": ruthless, autocratic, zero staff empowerment, etc. 
The second company was more "THEORY Y": a culture of developing people, devolved responsibility and decision-making.
Race day arrived. The Y company's boat appeared from the boat-house first, with its crew: eight rowers and a helmsman (the cox). 
Next followed the X company boat and its crew - eight helmsmen and a single rower.
Not surprisingly the Y company's boat won an easy victory.
The next day the X company board of directors held an inquest with the crew, to review what had been learned from the embarrassing defeat, which might be of benefit to the organization as a whole, and any future re-match.
After a long and wearing meeting the X company board finally came came to their decision.
 They concluded that the rower should be replaced immediately because clearly he had not listened well enough to the instructions he'd been given.
My fellow traveller on this trip and I have a little joke. If we want to get things right then we will only if we do what we are told.

So be both await further instructions. Not worked out yet what teams the instructors are in yet. 
Go on have a laugh and a wonderful day.

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