Saturday, 24 June 2017

Just another day.

Just another day and another poppy.  Still I did pass some sunflowers on my walk yesterday so there may be a sunflower in the offing. Then a friend asked me about orchids. Now that is not just another day at the office. They are very beautiful flowers but I can assure they are not far from easy to paint.

My John Lennon one I think is finished but not sure if I should share it. Everybody has their own ideas about John and I am sure there are those who will take exception to my portrayal.

I managed a river swim yesterday so very bracing and refreshing. Very easy in rivers to get out of your depth, a bit like art I suppose, stick to what you are good at and stay safe.

Life can be dangerous.

There was a very small Pomeranian dog on holiday in a strange land. It had ventured a bit far from the safety of the home it was living in. On the edge of the jungle where it found itself it spotted a leopard  about to attack it. Being a clever little dog it picked up a large bone lying near and began to chew on it. Just as the leopard was about to jump the little dog said, "My that ws a lovely tasty leopard." 

The leopard about turned and ran off thinking it had just had a narrow escape. 

A monkey who had been watching all of this saw an opportunity to gain favour with the leopard so ran after hime and told him what he had seen.

The leopard became very angry and gave the monkey a lift on its back as it about turned to go and sort out the dog. 

As it approached the dog again turned his back and waited. When they were both within earshot the dog said out loud, "I wonder where that monkey has got to he promised to bring me another leopard.

The tell tale monkey became the leopards meal and the dog managed to find his way home. 

Life can indeed be full of dangers and surprises , but it is after all just another day at the office.

Have a marvellous day.

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