Sunday, 11 June 2017

Make your choice.

We all have to make choices in life day by day.  Most of us make those choices with some measure of thought, thinking of the consequences of the choices we have to make.

Sadly there are those people in life who will always make the exact same choices no matter what the  event . Those are the people who have made up their minds not on rational thought but on what they have been brought up to believe.

Sadly this often leads to us making decisions on the basis of prejudice  or bigotry.

I fell very sad that it seems that the politics of the UK at present will be to a great extent dictated by such thinking.

In the midst of my sadness about what is happening and where we seem to be going reminded me of the tale of the visit to a hospital made by some representatives who were hoping to invest in mental care.

A number of representatives were being shown around the hospital where some patients who were suffering and being helped with severe mental depression.

One of the visitors being thoughtless asked if all the patients were  suffering the same kind of idiocy. He was seen by all of the others as the crass person he was.

The visit continued and the representatives were taken into the hospitality room. There they were being offered wine and cheese and nibbles.

during this a question and answer session was opened up.

The rude and crude representative rises his hand to ask a question again asking the same crass question. "Are all the patients in here idiots?"

One of the security men gently lead him out of the room and said he would show hime how this question was answered.

The representative was taken to a bathroom. The security man filled the bath with water. he then got a bucket  a tumbler and an egg cup. He told the representative that this was the test on how they decided who was in or not.

He said we show the patients this and ask them what would be the best way to empty to empty bath.
The representative said it was obvious the bucket would be the implement of choice.

The security guard said," Not sir, the obvious choice is to simply pull the plug. When will we we get you bed ready?

How easy it is  to end up looking the fool when the intention is the opposite and the aim is to make yourself look good and others bad.

Moving today to another part of France. have a wonderful day.

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