Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Little Bundles of Potential.

One year ago today I posted a little painting of a vineyard I walked past. So here today is a very similar little painting of a vineyard I walked through last night. 

Yesterday I moved from one site to another passing many such vineyards and some of the most beautiful fields of poppies I have ever witnessed. Sadly the road was very narrow and I could find no place to stop and enjoy them.

Before we left out last site there arrived on site a school party of children and teachers. They were primary school children boys and girls. They were all so excited and full of fun. The campsite was filled with their song and laughter and my heart was bursting with joy listening and watching them.

There they were little minds ready to be filled with new and interesting things.

Each one so different.

As I watched I became aware that I might be sitting watching a future president of France, a famous author or artist. Maybe there was a potential terrorist there or a bank robber. Maybe one of them would find a cure for cancer or even equally good the cure for old age. 

Those teachers with them had the future hopes and dreams of those children in their hands.

So today I stop for a moment and raise a glass of Rose' to all like Morag one of my friends on here who have given their time to encourage and nurture such young potentials.

Have a marvellous day and a special thanks to all who teach.

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