Thursday, 11 May 2017


Everybody tells me I am a talker and I am sure they cannot all be wrong. I suppose I have lived my life kind of like the person who never says something in a few words when there are plenty more words to say.

A bit like the preacher who never knew when to stop. His wife came up with the wonderful solution to this problem. She had worked out that if you put a polo mint in your mouth it is completely gone in twenty minutes with no effort on your behalf, just put it in your mouth and leave it.

So on the next Sunday morning she slipped one in his pocket and told him to put it in at the start of the sermon and he should be finished when it was. he did as she had told him and the sermon still went on and on. After the service she asked him why. 

He told her he had done what she said but had not realised there was also a loose shirt button in his pocket and he had been sucking it.

So what is this all about? I have tried three times to write a blog today and I just have nothing to say. 

So in those circumstances i am going to listen to the wise words of the sage and say nothing. Instead I give you my little doodle of a rose. Every Thursday when I go to catch the bus I pass a little flower shop where the aroma is beautiful. They always have red roses and the scent from them is wonderful.

So to all my friends here is a Rose, and no more empty words. 

Enjoy and have a beautiful day.

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