Friday, 12 May 2017

A little bit of remembrance.

I added a little colour to my rose doodle.

Seemed that many people liked hearing about the tale of the minister. I remembered this after hearing my best friend tell of an event from his ministry. He was chaplain in the local hospital and was in the midst of visiting one of wards. He slipped out for a little puff of a cigarette. As he was standing puffing away a nurse said to him, "Do you not think you should be setting a better example?" My friend thought for a moment and replied, "You have to know something about sin before you can preach about it." The nurse smiled and retorted, " Please let me know when you are preaching on the ten commandments, especially the seventh one."

I will leave you to that but give you a little help with this other tale of a minister. 

The local minister found it easier to visit in his parish using a cycle rather than a car. Everybody knew him as the cycling minister.  As he cycled past he would have a wave and a kind word for everybody. 

Then one day he was walking. The local police constable asked him what had happened to his bike, he was concerned it had been stolen. The minister said he could not remember where he had left it.

Two or three days later he was back on the bike. The constable stopped him and asked where he had found his bike. The minister said, " God works in mysterious ways his wisdom to behold."

The constable looked bewildered. The minister went on to tell him that he had been preaching last Sunday on the topic of the ten commandments. Everything was going very well until he reached number seven. "It was at that point that I remembered where i had left my bike he said." 

Now if you know your commandments you will now be smiling or chuckling. 

Have a hectic weekend before me so might not be able to be online for the next two days. 

Have a wonderful weekend and remember if you go out cycling to remember where you left it. 

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