Monday, 29 May 2017

Just a little seed.


As I waked this morning my friend made comment about how the grass managed to find its way up through the roads. The tarmac in France is so much smoother than ours at home and yet the grass still manages bit by bit to push to the surface.

A little later on my walk I saw this lovely little wild rose pushing its way up through the weeds and other wild plants.

Those two incidents reminded me of the tale of the boulder. There was a very large boulder that people had to walk around every time they entered or left the village. Many times it had been suggested they move this obstruction bt had always failed to move it.

They had tried breaking it but the hard rock was not marked by the available tools.

So the boulder remained in place.

One day a robin had gathered a rose hip and was busy eating the inner seeds one by one. As he progressed one of the seeds had slipped int a tiny crack in the stone and there it lay.

The rain came and went and the seed began to put out roots and little shoots. That first year it became a little bush. The next year it grew larger. As it. grew so did its branches and roots. 

Eventually the pressure of the roots had made the crack larger and larger until the boulder broke into two parts.

Now it was able to be moved. The rose was left to grow as a reminder of the event and the boulder.

Little actions can have large ongoing consequences for good and bad. 

Take care of little things they ripple out to those around us. 

Have a marvellous day.

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