Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Weeds can be things of beauty

Technology is a marvellous thing, I have always thought this. I always find it amusing when I hear those on the news who keep saying they are concerned abuts oldies who are not so tech savvy. I find this so patronising when the reality is that the larger number of us are far more savvy that many other groups in society. 

Today I will be setting up an apple watch for somebody a lot younger than myself and I will be the one who will instruct and show all that can be done on such a piece of hardware. 

Yes, there are some who need help among us oldies  but that is often not because they do not know it is because they have forgotten.  There is a difference. 

My friend ended up telling a chat technician how to do something a lot faster than they were trying to tell her how to do it. 

Now here is one for the records I read about two days ago. It really did happen.  A technician, or as he likes to be called and it says all over his van, a computer doctor, receives a call from a lady. 

Caller: “Hello! Can you come here get my computer to fix it? Or repair it here for me?”

Techy: “Sure! What is your address?”
Caller: “It’s [Street], [house number]. It’s right at the junction. It’s a two-floor yellow house.”
Techy: “I will be there very soon, it seems easy to find. I am on my way.”
He drives to where he was directed. He sees the number but it is certainly not a yellow two storey house. There seems to be nobody around. He decides to give the number of the caller a ring to check he is at the correct place. 
Techy: Can I just check with you that I am at the correct place.
Customer: “Sure! It’s [Same Street and number], a two floor yellow house.”
Boss: “There’s just a red house at that street, and no one answered the door.”
Customer: “Oh, yeah. It’s yellow, but we painted it red last month. Ring the bell again."
He does and the customer says, "Hello I will be right with you. 
So to all those people who keep thinking we old people live on a cloud but not a data cloud, check out that you know where you are before you point the fingers at us unsay old timers.

That bit of technology awaits my attention. Have a marvellous day. 

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