Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Matter of Opinion.

I had on my Jean Michelle jar T shirt as I worked on my front garden yesterday. The exciting thing about doing the front garden is that I get distracted all the time as people pass and stop to speak with me.

Yesterday was not unusual except for on little incident. A person passing happened to notice the t shirt and made comment about my terrible choice of music.

" Why do you not listen to decent music" he asked me?  "What would you consider decent music," I asked him?

"The Beatles or the Rolling Stones or maybe even the Kinks, " was his reply.

Now I do not want to bore you with the ongoing conversation but I did happen to mention to him that I did in fact listen to those also. An interesting debate pursued about music and this passing gentleman was obviously very passionate about the music he listened to. He soon became somewhat scathing about some of the music that I listen to in the course of the day.

He found it difficult to comprehend that I often moved from Jazz to Classical then threw in a bit of Opera.

Oh dear such rubbish he said.

Beginning to wonder how I could bring this convention to an amicable conclusion I said to hime that one of my most favourite of all pieces of music was synced to my apple watch and I had been listening to it on my AirPods just before he passed.

He wondered what piece that was.  I told him it was a piece written by a man who had a doctorate in astrophysics. That he had written a thesis on, "A Survey Of Radical Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud."

Well, at that point I could almost see steam coming from his ears. That must surely be the most terrible ever piece of music. Anybody who could right such stuff as that thesis must have his head in the clouds. Maybe a bit like the lad in the painting above.

I told him the man's name was Dr. Brian May and the music was,  "Bohemian Rhapsody," and the album was an album comparing the music of The Beatles the Rolling Stones, and Queen, Dr Brian May being the guitarist of Queen.

All of the above mentioned by him as music worthy of listening to.

So my gardening spell did not teach me a great deal about plants but it certainly taught me a great deal about opinions and how they are something we all have and maybe we have to learn to respect the thoughts tastes and opinions of all.

Wondering what music might help me find a hole in one this afternoon on the golf course?

Have a marvellous day enjoy it before the predicated rain brings midges back to Scotland this weekend.

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