Monday, 15 May 2017


I sat in the sun today in Paris looking at its most iconic image. I had a glass of Rose wine and doodled and watched the world go past. How relaxing, absolutely no pressure just being at one with myself and the world. 

Unlike the three priests sitting about two tables away from me. They unlike I did not seem at all relaxed. They were having a very animated conversation. I had no idea what they were talking about  but enjoyed wondering.

Were they trying to solve the problems of the world of which there are so many? Were they wondering how to solve the problem of dwindling numbers of attenders? I did not have an idea but I did enjoy making up my own tale of their conversation.

The first one was talking about the problem of all the bats in the church belfry and all he had done to get rid of them with no success but he was concerned about the mess they were making.

The second on said his problem was pigeons. He also had tried to solve the problem he had even had the belfry fumigated with no success.

The third said he had solved his problem of pigeons. he said he had baptised them all and made them members of the church. Problem solved he said, like so many people who get baptised and join the church or for that matter join loads of other things they join and then you never ever see them again.

The age of non commitment  I think.

I hope you are all well do not know when or if this will be read but if you do give it a thought. Have a wonderful day one and all. 

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