Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Old Bull


I am sitting in the sun enjoying my evening meal. Just across the river there is a field of white cows each with a calf. Also in the field there is a large white bull. Between them and me is this beautiful growth of Iris. The birds are in full song and everything seems so peaceful.

Even the Bull seems content to move among the herd give. A cow what seems to be an affectionate push every now and again. It fill me with a great feeling of contentment.

I am reminded of the tale of the old far,er and his friend. He was telling his friend that his old and very trustworthy Bull was beginning to show his age. He was thinking it might be time to get a new Bull. His friend advised him to hold on to the old Bull and slowly introduce a newer younger Bull.

He did just that. On the first morning of the two being in the field together the young new Bull looked around him. He turned to the older bull and said," look at all those beautiful cows. Why do we not run over there and get aquatinted with a couple of them."

The old bull looked at him and said, " Why do we not just meander over there and get aquatinted with them all?"

The follies of youth and the wisdom of age.

Have a great day whenever your read this and have a peaceful meandering day.

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