Monday, 31 October 2016

My Father is better than yours.

I overheard three boys yesterday in the park just over from my house. There were there kicking a football and having good fun. The fact that there are two notices prominently displayed at the entrance to the park saying, "No Ball Games," and "No Football."

I have no concern about this when it is just youngsters having a game among themselves. 

What really interested me was to learn that after all those years since I left school young lads still boasted among each other about how wonderful their fathers were. 

These boys happened to be trying to decide whose father was the strongest. 

I remember once telling my father that ones of my friends had told me this his father could run faster than my father. I asked him if it was true. My father thought for a moment and said that it might in fact be the case, but then there might be other things that he could do that my friends father could not.

What really mattered to my father it seemed that he was a good father to me. That was the only thing that mattered. 

This reminded me of the three boys doing the exact same thing, this time about how wealthy they were.

The first boy said, "My father scribbles on a bit of paper and calls it a poem, and they pay him £40 for it."

The second boy says, " My father scribbles on a bit of paper and calls it a song, and they pay him £100 for it."

The third boy, who happens to be the ministers son says, My father scribbles words on a bit of paper. he calls it a sermon and it takes eight people to collect all the money."

Real wealth is not in who was right but in the very fact that each of them thought that their fathers were worthy of praise.

Have a wonderful day.

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