Friday, 21 October 2016

Feeling Lost.

I am not feeling at all inspired this morning. Yesterday I went to visit with my friends. All went well until I got on the bus to come home. The bus was delayed and I took out my mobile to text home to alert my wife that I would be late home because of the delay.

Have received a response I put my phone back into my pocket. On getting home I discovered it was no longer there. having been met at the bus stop, the only place it could be was left on the bus.  All enquiries to date have not resulted in my finding my phone. What I do know is that it is switched off because my find my phone programme cannot locate it.

I live in a sense of vain hope that it might yet turn up.

I feel very much like Will who did not lose his phone but his luggage. 

He had arrived off a long distance flight and went to collect his baggage from the carousel. He waited and waited and it did not arrive. 

He went straight to the lost luggage department to report his loss. 

The lady at the counter said in a very assuring voice, "Do not be concerned sir. We are highly trained professionals and very skilled." 

Will began to feel a bit better. Then the lady went on.

"Now lets make a start. Has your plane arrived yet?" 

I have to say I do not feel very much like smiling at this moment but go on join me in a smile.

I hope you have a good day. 

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  1. Sorry to hear you lost your phone.. Saw that painting on FB. and it lead me here..
    Have a better day... Stay well.