Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A Portrait.

I went out to my easel yesterday and removed the painting that had been sitting on it for some time. I got out a new canvas and prepared my palette and brushes and made a selection of paints. 

There was something telling me that I was either procrastinating or wasting my time. I just know that it was not going to happen for me. 

It most certainly did not happen. I wasted time paint and gave myself the task of cleaning brushes unnecessarily. I had to leave the canvas with a coating of colours that I am almost one hundred percent sure will not inspire me to produce anything. 

I was most certainly not like the young girl I met in church one day.

There was a group of them all very engrossed in the productions of pictures.  One girl seemed to be very certain of what it was she was producing. 

I asked her what she was painting. With some impatience at my interruption she told me that she was painting a portrait of God. 

I looked at her painting and in the kindest of voices I could find I said to her, "Nobody really knows what God looks like."

Without even stopping for a thought she turned and looked me straight in the eye.

"They will soon she," she said and returned with added fervour to her work.

Maybe it is unwise to begin anything until you are certain that you know what it is your are going to do and what the end product will be. 

Have a productive and good day.

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