Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cutting Shrubs.

I spent a fair bit of my day yesterday cutting back the great many shrubs in my garden. A time consuming and tedious task. 

I have only been in the house just over a year so this is only the second time I have had to do it. Why is it always cold on the days these tasks have to be done?  Yesterday I had to stop at mid point because the rain came on far to heavy to continue. 

As I was doing it I found myself thinking of ways I could possibly do it faster. At that point I was sure I saw my father over my shoulder pointing at one of the bushes.  Let me assure you I am not losing my sanity. 

It was just one of my neighbours out walking his dog.

It took me back many years when I was still in the boy scouts. It was, "Bob a Job," week. There was always competition between us to see who could do the most tasks and who could collect the most money. A bob was one shilling. There were twenty shillings to the pound, so we had to do at least twenty jobs to get to the pound. 

I was doing very well and most of the jobs I had been given were easily accomplished in an hour or so. Going for messages weeding a flower bed or cutting a lawn. 

Then I was asked to cut the lawn of one of my neighbours. it really could not be called a lawn it was really her grass. Front and back garden was knee high grass. It was a frightening task and I could see myself spending at least one whole day for my bob. 

I took the job remember my father saying to me turn down no job and do the best you can. I laboured hard on the cutting of that grass and it was exhausting work. I will never forget the time when I thought I had done well and the task was completed. 

My father stood on the pavement and pointed at some clumps he felt were not cut properly.It took me at least another hour as each time he pointed to another bit. 

I was so glad when he turned and walked away letting me call the task done.

Later that night he asked if I had collected my shilling. I told hime I was to get it the next day.  But that my chance of doing well over the week had taken a big set back. A whole day for one shilling. 

"If you do a job do it to the very best of your ability;" he said again

I slept well that night even though I felt I had been exploited. 

Next day I was up and ready scout uniform on looking for more tasks to try and reach my target.  The neighbour whose grass I had cut gave me an envelope as I headed out the gate. I thanked her and wondered where to begin looking for my first task of the day, the envelope in my shirt pocket. 

I did not have to look far. The neighbours were all asking me if I would cut their grass or weed their flower beds. I had a list of jobs to keep me going until the week ended. 

The lesson I learned and learned well was that if you do something well then others will encourage you and reward you with their support. Then the big surprise, the envelope contained not my shilling but a,  "Ten bob note.'  I was overwhelmed. 

So not surprising I see my father pointing every time I think I might take shortcuts. A lesson well learned.

Have a great day.

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