Sunday, 16 October 2016

Who Are You

I passed a number of young folk yesterday out playing in spite of the bad weather. There was a break in the rain and they were getting ready to make the most of the time available to play without getting soaked like I was.

They were about to pick their teams and play a game of football. The goals were made up with four jackets lain in a bundle on the soaking wet grass. I could already hear the comments when they took those home.

I also smiled and wondered how long it would be before they had the inevitable argument about wether the ball was or was not over the non existent crossbar. 

It took me back years. I did play the occasional game even though I never ever was really into playing games of football. In fact when I think of it I was never into team games at all. I was always very much a person who preferred games involving imagination and thought played by one or two people at any one time. 

I do though still remember how important those things were. 

As I was leaving the young folk to the serious business of sides I heard one person making the next big important decision. "I will be Messee," said one young boy. Another , "No I will be Messee."

I did not wait for that argument to be solved.

I was smiling as I walked on. Young people do have the art of keeping you young, because in spite of them never believing us things do not really change all that much. That discussion could have taken place in my school playground.

It reminded me of the two brothers. 

Their mother had decided to give the family a treat and make a batch of pancakes, something they all enjoyed.

As she mixed up the batter and prepared the griddle the two brothers were arguing about who would have the first one.

On hearing them the mother thought there was a chance of a little moral lesson here.

She said to the boys, "If Jesus was sitting here he would be saying. Let my brother have the first one I can wait."

Immediately Jack turned to his younger brother and said, " You can be Jesus David."

A bit like us all, desperate to be first in line for things just in case we miss out. But who is to say that the second pancake might in fact be far better then the first?

Have a great day. Heading out for a long walk this morning you never know what you are going to see or hear. But there is a smile just around the corner if you let it touch you. 

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