Friday, 28 October 2016

The Little Man

I have spent most of my life being aware of my size. it is an easy thing to do considering that I am and always have been small. The smallest in my class all through school I had a hard time trying to get rid of the nickname, "Titch," which was fine while at school but annoying once I had left school. 

It was a great sense of relief when people stopped calling my by my nickname and I started to be called by my name. Of course when I moved away from the area of my birth nobody new me as anything other than Ralph. What a joy and a sense of relief to be shot of it. 

Suffering as I did with being something of a loner, different, not being into football and all that sort of things, and with my real difficulty coping with an undiagnosed reading difficulty, being small was just a step too far. It is amazing that I have had the life I have had and managed to overcome those things. 

These thoughts crossed my mind yesterday and I remembered the tale of the three inch man.  

A man walked into a bar and asked for 2 shots for him and his friend.

The bartender says, "Do you want them both now, or do you want me to wait until your friend gets here first?"

The man says, "Oh I want them both now, I've got my best friend right here in my pocket."

He pulls out a three inch man and puts him on the table.

The bartender was astonished. "Do you mean to say he can drink a whole drink?"

"Sure, he can drink it all. Pour it out."

Sure enough, the bartender watches in amazement as the little guy drinks down two full shots.

"That's amazing! Can he walk?"

The man flicks a coin and says, "Hey, Trevor, go get the coin, ok?" 

The three inch man runs off after it.

"Unreal! Can he do anything else? Can he talk?"

"Of course, he can talk," the man replied turning to his three inch friend.

"Hey Trevor! Tell The bartender about the time you called that witch doctor a good-for-nothing-scam-artist-idiot!"

Beware you can get into real trouble if you do not put your brain into gear before  engaging your mouth.

Have a marvellous day and be careful what you say.  A kind word can go a long way.

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