Wednesday, 5 October 2016

It is All Bull.

After many years of caravanning and now travelling in my mortor-home one of the things I have learned is to be careful what you say when on caravan sites. Caravans and awnings have thin walls and conversations that might be meant to be between two people only can so easily become public knowledge. My van has what we call ambulance windows. When sitting in my van I can see everything that is going on around me but those outside cannot see that I am at home.

It is often quiet amusing to watch people have a wander around my van having a look at it totally unaware that I am sitting inside watching them.

But back to those conversations overheard. Until recently I had not noticed just how many barrack room lawyers there are in society. Now by this I mean the number of people who seem to know everything about everything. The experts on life its self. The fonts of knowledge.

Now I would not wish to labour this because it is so easy to become the judge of others and I would not wish to fall into that trap. I merely comment that there are more around than I had thought.

This reminded me of a story I heard many years ago. I have been warned not to use this story so I apologise and warn in advance stop now if you are of an oversensitive nature.

There was a beautiful tall tree, like the one I painted yesterday. I will tell you more about this tree another time. Under the tree there stood a bull and a turkey. The turkey was staring up at the tree.

"What are you thinking about?" the bull asked the turkey.

"I was thinking how nice it would be to be sitting at the top of that tree, but I just do not have the energy."

"Ah, " said the bull. "I have the answer for that. Eat some of my dung, it is said to be full of energy."

The turkey dis just that and soon was able to reach up to the first branch. After a few weeks on this special diet it was seen perched on the top branches.

The farmer was passing and saw the turkey and he shot it out of the tree.

It is wise to remember that Bull.......... can get you to the top of the tree but it will not keep you there. It takes more than talk to achieve. Or in other words it is not just words but actions that count.

Have a great day.

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