Monday, 3 October 2016

The Eagle

Yesterday I had a long drive passing through the centre of Paris as part of it. But now at another beautiful part of France. Early this morning I took this picture as I walked along the side of the canal near to the site. A misty morning but as I walked the sun came through. I found some wild grapes growing and enjoyed a  small bunch as I walked. 

The wildlife here is aplenty and already I have seen buzzards and red kite. As yet no eagles but I do not expect to. But I was thinking of eagles as I watched the buzzard soar overhead.

Once there was an eagles nest high in the hills. In the nest there were three eggs. One morning there was an earth tremor that shook all three eggs the nest. Two were broken on impact but one survived to roll down the hillside right into a chicken run.

On seeing the egg  one of the chickens took the egg to her clutch of eggs and sat brooding on it with her own.

The eggs hatched and the chicken looked after her young the eagle included. The eagle learned how to be a very good chicken following the example of its mother. It grew strong and healthy and strutted around among all the other chickens.

One day it looked up and saw a group of eagles dancing on the thermals and soaring with ease. The eagle said to the other chickens how he wished he could do just that. They all laughed at him and said that chickens do not do that kind of thing. SO he looked and longed but continued to be a chicken until he died.

We do not have to be what others tell us, or limited by the expectations of others. If we have the will we can be more than we think we can soar like eagles and achieve heights nobody ever expected of us.

Have a good day.

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