Saturday, 15 October 2016

What do you wish?


Yes, you will all be familiar with this picture it comes with apple computers. I just thought I would have some fun with it and paint it. It is a lovely picture. 

I had a very late night last night attending the jean Michelle Jarre concert in Glasgow. What a marvellous evening of music and light show. I have listened to the music of this man for almost forty years and it still moves me in many ways. Not my usual quiet music it certainly was loud. 

I mention this because I laughed very hard when I heard a conversation between one of the stewards at the concert and a patron. I will not repeat it here because It was very obvious that both had misunderstood the other. Each rather than ask for one to repeat again in the midst of the din took umbrage.  Yet I could see there was a misunderstanding but stayed well out of it. 

Reminded me of Joe. 

Joe went to a restaurant and after being shown to his table was approached by a very beautiful waitress. She very politely asked hime what she could get him. "What would you like sir?" she asked.

His reply was, "A quickie."

She strode off very embossed and upset.

After a short time she returned having given herself and him time to calm down.

"What would you like sir? " she asked again.

Again Joe answered her, "A quickie."

This time anger bubbled forth and she slapped him and marched off. 

The man at the next table came over and whispered to Joe. 

"Um, I think it is pronounced Quiche."

We really do have to listen and make sure we are also saying what we really mean.

Have a great day.

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