Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Maid.

For those who have very kindly been asking about the recovery of my phone, I thank you very much for the kind words. I did not get it back and sadly it seems as if it has as yet not been switched back on. Fortunately I have been able to set it up so that if and when it is switched on a message will appear on it saying it is a lost phone and my phone number. It will then wipe itself clean and become pretty much useless to anybody. They cannot even make calls from it. So I do not feel as upset and concerned as I was. I was at the apple store yesterday and they assured me I had done all that I can to make sure no access to the phone is possible.

So my mind has pretty much been taken up yesterday with this matter.  But all things have a good side I suppose. I managed to make another little stride towards reaching my target weight. I set myself the target of getting back from the heights I had reached to my old normal weight and I am just three or so pounds away. So as they say every cloud has a silver lining. 

I have had to replace my phone and have the new phone I vowed I would never purchase, Apple of course.

All of this made me remember the story of another phone and another call. 

A man was away at a conference when he decided during a short break to call home to his wife. 

He took out his mobile phone and dialled home. A strange voice answered.

The man asks who it was that was speaking.

"This is the maid ," says the voice.

"We do not have a maid,: He replies.

"I was just hired this morning, by the lady of the house."

"Well, this is her husband here. Is she there."

"MMM she is upstairs in the bedroom with someone whom I just accepted was her husband."

The man is very angry and says to the new maid, "Do you want to earn £50,000?"

"Sure , what do I have to do?"

"Go to my study. In the right hand desk drawer find a key. It opens the metal locker behind the desk. Open it and take out the shotgun, it is loaded. Go upstairs and shoot that cheating wife and the cheat she is with."

The man hears the phone being put down. Then footsteps climbing the stairs, followed by two gunshots.

The maid comes back and picks up the phone.

"What should I do with the bodies?'

"Throw them in the swimming pool."

"What swimming pool? There is no swimming pool here."

"Oh, is that 01383 447518?

Phones are marvellous things but need to be treated and handled with care.  I hope you have a good day and yes smile. I am hoping my day today is so good I can forget the two days just gone. 

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