Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Well that is him happy.

I do not meet very many people when out walking, sadly. Occasionally I meet people with dogs but even that is less and less. It seems that for some poor animals the length of the walk is dictated by the time it takes them to have their daily ablutions, then it is off back home. 

I wish I could teach those dogs that they do not perform until they have had a decent walk. Walking for so many seems to be a chore, something that has to be done, not something to be enjoyed.

I met one person yesterday as I left the village. I said, "Good morning." The reply I got was, "What is good about it, it is raining?"

So it was raining, hardly enough to get me wet but it was not a blistering warm day.

I was reminded of the story of the glum walker. 

Mula came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
The man held up a tattered bag and moaned, “All that I own in this wide world barely fills this miserable, wretched sack.”
“Too bad,” said Mula, and with that, he snatched the bag from the man’s hands and ran down the road with it.
Having lost everything, the man burst into tears and, more miserable than before, continued walking.
Meanwhile, Mula quickly ran around the bend and placed the man’s sack in the middle of the road where he would have to come upon it.
When the man saw his bag sitting in the road before him, he laughed with joy, and shouted, “My sack! I thought I’d lost you!”
Watching through the bushes, Mula chuckled. “Well, that’s one way to make someone happy!”
As the story shows, Happiness is not a distant bird somewhere in some bush. 
It is often perching right upon our own shoulder. Often we fail to recognize it unless it flies away or as in the above case case, gets taken away.
I wish all of you who read this a pleasant discovery of this already existing happiness, at least for today. have a happy day.

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