Thursday, 20 October 2016

The sleepy teacher.

The Wife of a Friend.

When I was a teacher I had a large number of students congregated in my room at lunch time. Some of them just came to get away from the noise of fellow students in the dinner hall. They used my room as a quiet space to have their lunch. 

It was interesting to share with them their experiences and the things they found fun and the things they found difficult. 

Others came because they were unable to take my subject as a timetabled part of their day. I gave them tuition during the lunchtime and sometimes for an hour or sa at the end of the day. it was always good to be able to encourage those who really wanted to learn to have the opportunity to do just that. 

Yesterday I was thinking about this. I was doing so because I had sat down to have a coffee after doing various things I had to get done. I found myself nodding off, I had one of those moments I call a noddy moment. My head nodded me awake. Now I know there is a technical name for that but it has slipped my mind for the moment. 

I remembered at least one occasion when this happened to me during those lunch breaks. I remember students teasing me that I had fallen asleep. 

"No, No I would protest. I had not fallen asleep I was mediating."

They just smiled and said, "Yeah right."

This reminded me yesterday of another little tale.

Another teacher used to take a regular little cat nap, sometimes during a lesson when the students were involved in an unsupervised task he had set them. 

When challenged by his students, as I was, he would tell them that he was not sleeping but that he was visiting the sages of dreamland for some words of wisdom.

One day this teacher gave one of his students a reprimand for not listening to what was being said.

The student said, " Was not sleeping I was off visiting the sages for a word of wisdom."

"What did they say?" demanded the teacher.

"I asked them if they had visits from you on a regular basis Sir. They told me they had never met you."

If you visit the sages visit the sages, if you sleep sleep. But be honest about what you do because you will surely be found out. 

Have a good day. 

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