Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Two Little Thoughts.

Yesterday I really did not do a great deal in the way of thinking. I was far too busy with the physical task of cutting back a lot of the growth on the shrubs in my garden. The day was well into the afternoon before I got that and the lawns done.

I am pleased with how things are looking, probably the tidies I have managed to get the garden since I moved here.  Feeling pleased about it I thought I would go for a four mile walk around two lovely little lochs not far from where I live. In fact it is only about a mile and a half to walk round the two of them So I usually do three circuits giving me a decent walk. It is a popular walk and there are normally people who pass the time of day. Talk about the birds or the beauty of the trees at the moment is the name of the game.

Having completed my walk I decided to go home and complete the garden by planting up some of the flower pots that had been removed being past their best. 

It was at the garden centre that I had my first real thoughts of any merit of my day.

The garden centre was very busy, probably a great many people like me with the same ideas as me. But there was something that brought a real smile to my face. 

The garden centre had been, like me freshening up one or two corners. There was a notice saying , "Beware, Wet Paint." 

Now If I had told most of those people that there were over forty-two million stars in the sky they would mostly have just believed me. So why was it that so many people had to test if that paint was in fact wet. I was almost tempted to test it myself. 

This also made me wonder why banks have the doors open and welcoming, and yet they still have the pens secured with a little chain?

Have a good day and remember all those little things that can make you smile. We are constantly surrounded by the possibilities of a smile or a frown. Smiling is better.

You do not need a parachute if you are going to sky dive. You only need one if you are thinking about doing it twice. 

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