Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The lonely Tree.

One lovely sunny day a little red squirrel was sitting at the side of the path listening to the water of the waterfall below and enjoying the sun on his face. He was eating the seeds from a fir cone and the world looked very good and he felt even better with his little tummy full of food.

Once he had finished eating he dropped the remains of the cone among the grass and headed off to find a nice tree to climb where he could have a comfortable little nap and enjoy the rest of the day.

Many months later one of the seeds from the cone that had been left lying began to swell and reach down roots into the soft soil. Then a little shoot began to reach upward looking for the light. It had a very difficult struggle up through the long and thick grass. More than once it had thought of just giving up such a struggle as it was.

Slowly but surely it managed to reach above the grass and began to see the world around it. It looked and looked to see if it could see other trees just like it but there was not single one to see within its sight. It was alone, surrounded by grass and ferns.

It did notice that it was close to a path and now and then people would pass the little tree. Each time it hoped that somebody would notice it and stop and look. But it never did happen.

Then one day two people came along the path. Again the lonely fir tree got ready to watch them pass and take no notice, just like all the others.

But this time they stopped and looked at the little lonely tree. Instead of just passing the man took of his knapsack and reached into it.

Were they here to do some harm to the tree? After all this time of struggle were they about to cut him down?

But no! The man reached into his bag and brought out some shinning tinsel. He came over to the tree and decorated it. He then stood back and did a painting of the little lonely tree with all its tinsel.

For the next few days everybody who passed spoke about the little tree and smiled.

The little lonely tree felt so good and was determined to grow tall and get ready for this time next year when it would once again bring joy to many.

And so it did just that, and each year people decorated the tree and brought smiles and happy words to all who passed its lonely spot.

So, big or small and struggling to be seen remember nobody has never got some joy that they can bring and share.

Have  a wonderful day and be a bringer of Joy.


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