Friday, 9 December 2016

A little negotiating.

At the heart of creation lies love.

I spent some time with my friends yesterday having at last got another two paintings ready to take to the place from which my sold on Monday.

It was good to relax for a bit and two see my latest two in place.

While I was hanging them somebody looked at one of them and said that she liked it very much. Would I be prepared to lower the price just a bit? I apologised and said I could not because I had already reduced the price for the customers of the place where I hang. I always do this as a matter of course so there is no negotiating and I keep to my who belief in art being affordable to all.

As I spoke to the person remembered a rather funny and true tale.

An old retired couple had so badly wanted to purchase a new car. They had gone to the showroom that had just the car they wanted. They had been there before and this was them making a return trip to secure the deal.

As they entered the showroom the salmon was in the process of selling the very car to a young and beautiful lady. She was dressed in a mini skirt that showed off her long legs to their best. She was also wearing a short halter top.

The salesman was in awe of her.

The old man was visibly upset. he spoke to the salesman sharply.

"Young man, I thought you said you would hold this car for me until I had raised the asking price of £30,000?"

"yet I have just heard you close the deal for £20,000 to the lovely young lady. You told me there was no negotiating at all on the price of that model."

The salesman took a deep breath, cleared his throat and reached for a glass of water.

"Well, what can I tell you? She had the cash ready, did not need any financing, and, Sir , just look at her, how could I refuse?" He replied while grinning rather sheepishly.

Just at that moment the young women came over to the senior couple and gave the car keys to the old man. 

"There you go, dad," she said. "I told you I could get that idiot to lower the price.

I hope you have a good day and maybe even a bargain might be there for the negotiating. 

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