Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Inflatable Boy.

How simple it is to say some thoughtless word or carry out some thoughtless action and without ever intending to  cause offence, or discourage another. I sometimes think this is because we live a, blame culture.  We are always ready to blame others for the way things are, never considering it may just be an accident or a thoughtless moment.

I say this because yesterday I spent half an hour in the company of a person who did nothing but complain about everything and everybody around him. How draining a half an hour that was. On the other hand I also spent some time with my dear old friend, who never ever has a bad word to say about anybody, such a contrast. 

So let me start your day off with a little thought and a funny story.

There once lived a little inflatable boy in an inflatable house. He lived with his inflatable parents. Each day he attended the inflatable school run by an inflatable headmaster. He enjoyed attending school, so it was with some surprise that he was called to the inflatable head teachers room one morning.

He stood before the inflatable head and wondered what was wrong. The head said to him, “It has come to my notice that you might be breaking one of the school rules.”  “What?” asked the young inflatable boy.

“Is it the case that you have a pin in your pocket?” asked the inflatable head.

“I have,” said the inflatable boy.

“Well you have let me down, and the school and your parents.”

I will leave you to dwell on that and I hope it brings a little smile to your day.  An act of kindness or a word of encouragement can go a long way to inflating a persons feeling of good will and well being.

But how easy it is to burst that bubble.

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