Sunday, 25 December 2016


I do not expect many people will be looking to read a blog today so I will keep this one short and to the point. I hope all my friends do indeed have a wonderful and very happy day today.

If our hopes for the day are simple and filled with thoughts of others it will indeed be a very happy day. 

Like the boy in this true little story.

It was Christmas  Day and the church was having its Christmas day family service. Rev John, the minister, was looking at the nativity scene outside when he noticed the baby Jesus was missing from the figures.

Immediately, his thoughts turned to calling in the local policeman but as he was about to do so, he saw little Nathan with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant, Jesus. 

Rev. John approached Nathan and asked him, "Well, Nathan, where did you get the little infant?"

Nathan looked up, smiled and replied, "I took him from the church."

"And why did you take him?" 

With a sheepish grin, Nathan said, "Well, Sir, about a week before Christmas I prayed to Lord Jesus. I told him if he would bring me a red wagon for Christmas, I would give him a ride around the block in it."

Have a wonderful Christmas.

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