Saturday, 17 December 2016

Just a little shopping.

Not so much a painting but a job half done.

One thing that I really do love about Christmas is the shopping part of the experience. In the last two weeks I have had so much fun indulging this passion I have for shopping. 

I am of course saying this with tongue in cheek. I do in fact enjoy getting people presents but I hate wandering around shops hoping that something will hit me in the eyes as I wander. I really would rather do it in one or two other ways. 

I would rather look at all the possibilities online and then draw up a list and then order the list with the shops where I know I will be able to purchase my choices. I then start at the first and work my way systematically through the list. Not me the list would be on my phone or tablet but a paper list would not break my heart. 

The other much more simple way is to just make the purchase online and wait for it to be delivered. Sadly that does not always work. Yesterday a package I had been told would be delivered today, was changed and was to be delivered yesterday. it had not arrived when I had to go out to meet friends so I had to work all sorts of schemes with notes and plastic bags. I also worry about the waste of packaging. The parcel delivered yesterday would not go in the plastic bag the packaging being about five or six times larger than the actual contents. 

I am aware that loads of people love trailing around shops and losing the person you are with about three times in one session. All part of the fun for some but not for me. 

But there is an amusing side to it all. 

Myra was going to her annual Christmas office party and was sure she needed a new party dress.

So she headed off to have a look and see what she could find. As she passed one of the well known retailers she saw just the dress she was looking for on the model in the window. Problem solved.

She went into the store and spoke to the assistant, "May I try on that dress in the window, please?"

The response was fast. "Certainly not Madam," responded the shop assistant, "You will have to use the fitting room like everybody else."

Or the experience of Ted.

Christmas was fast approaching and Ted had not as yet got anything for his beautiful young wife. It had not been an easy year and he did not have a lot of extra cash but he really did want to have something to give her on Christmas day. 

He had thought long and hard about what to get but on his budget could not come up with any great idea. He went into a well known shop and asked an assistant for help.

"How about some nice perfume? That is something I would always be pleased to receive." 

She selected a bottle from the shelve, costing £75.

"Too expensive," he said.

The young lady appeared with a slightly smaller bottle costing £50. "Oh dear ," said Ted, "still far too much."

Growing rather annoyed at Ted's seeming meanness, the sales girl brought out a tiny bottle costing £10  and offered it to him.

Ted became rather agitated, "What I mean," he said, "is I'd like to see something really cheap."

The sales girl handed him a mirror.

She was obviously unaware of the old saying it is not the value but the thought that matters. 

Off to the farmers market this morning. Now this is shopping I do enjoy and doing it with good friends will be nice.

Have a wonderful day. Only 7 shopping days or so left. 


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