Saturday, 10 December 2016

A Little Rain

A Rainy Day Along The Coastal Path.

It seems that all the talk at the present moment is about the weather here in Scotland. To be really honest we talk about the weather a great deal in Scotland at any time.

I remember when i was living on the little Island of Iona just how much the weather played a big part in what happened and what did not. At the back of the Abbey where I was living working and studying stood the hill called "Dun I ", this is of course a translation from the Gaelic name of the hill. There used to be a saying on Iona, "If you can see the top of DunI you can expect rain soon if you cannot see the top it must be raining."

Right now there is no talk about a white Christmas all the talk is about the unexpected high temperatures we are getting. Last week everything white with frost this week positively balmy.

I listened to the radio yesterday and somebody had requested the theme tune from the well known film, Local hero, filmed in Scotland.

I remembered when the film crew arrived for a week on Iona during my time. The story went around about old Calum the seer. 

While the film crew was filming the old Gaelic seer came hobbling by. 
"Tomorrow rain," he informed them and hobbled on. Sure enough it rained the very next day. Again he hobbled past: 
"Tomorrow sunshine," he let them know, and it was indeed a fine sunny day the next day.
The director was mighty impressed and got the crew to hire him and every day the wise old sage predicted accurately what the weather would be. 
But after a couple of weeks the old man didn't show up and eventually the director found him in his bothy.
"Hey, we need your predictions, why aren't you showing up?"
 "Radio broken," the old man replied.
Enjoy your day and I suppose we should always remember it is always sunny somewhere, even if it is in your heart.

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