Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Read the Labels

The Incoming Tide.

A new food store opened not far from where I live and being in the vicinity I thought I would give it a visit. I will not name the store for obvious reasons. Having looked around I saw on or two items that I have purchased in other stores. Well, when I say similar I mean they have been called the same. I thought I might just give them a try, so took them to the cash out and that was evening meal organised for the next two nights.

 On opening the packet my nose was assaulted by a strong smell of garlic. This was not at all what I expected for a venison burger. Never daunted i cooked them along with some wild mushrooms and potato fries. This is not a normal meal for me but a little self indulgence. How I wish I had not bothered it was such a let down. I could not taste venison all I could taste was garlic. I returned to look at the packaging and sure enough pretty high up the list of ingredients was garlic. 

I suppose I should have read the label, especially because I knew of the lady who had a very similar experience. She tells of her experience while in the shower and conditioning her hair. 

While doing this she took time out from signing loudly and read instead the label on the bottle, a bit like what you do with the cereal packet at breakfast. 

Having read it she was in deep shock! The conditioner which also runs down over the entire body read, "For extra volume and body!"

She wondered why she had never read that before, "Now I understand why I am so full figured," she thought. 

She promptly decided from then on that she would in future use "Dawn" dish soap.

On the label of this product it says clearly, "Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove."

It certainly pays to read labels.You never know might do exactly what it says on the tin. 

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