Friday, 22 April 2016

No Please No!

Maisie Den

The other day there I went out round my route in Falkland Estate. This is the waterfall as of that day. Not nearly so furious as it was durning the winter but a bit more colourful. Today I am taking a group of walkers round my route to trial and sample my thoughtful walk. I am a bit apprehensive about leading a group of strangers while at the same time sharing my thoughts and stories. 

It is rather easier doing that from a blog where I can sit alone and hardly ever really know if it is being read or not, apart from the few comments and messages from those who do read it . I was a bit more difficult as a preacher sharing stories and thoughts but once again we had the protection of the pulpit and the robes of office. 

The bottom line is that this morning my blog will be another simple one of shared memories and stories. 

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the stories I had repeated on yesterdays blog. As I spoke I remembered another event that took place in a medical setting. It was the school doctor and nurse. The event took place in the very first year of schooling. 

It was the day all of us in our first class had to gather with our parents for immunisation. 

One of the girls was determined that nobody was going to put a needle anywhere near her arm. As soon as the nurse approached her she began screaming. "No, no, no! " she yelled at the top of her voice. 

"Lizzie," scolded her mother, "thats not at all polite behaviour."

With that Lizzie yelled even louder. "No, thank you! No thank you! No thank you!" 

At the other end of life and its precious journey. My friend and I often remember some of the funerals we conducted that even in all their seriousness made us have to smile. 

The funeral that took place on a dark and direct day, one of those days that Scotland is famous for.  

The committal had taken place and the mourners stood around in a respectful silence. The husband of the deceased stood with his head bowed and his hat in his hands as the rain bounced off his head. 
As he stood there , there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a bolt of lightening and a further clap of thunder, a further bolt of lightening and more thunder rumbling in the background.
Putting his bonnet back on his head he turned to the minister and calmly said, "Well she has arrived then."

 I hope there are no dark clouds this morning as I head out to do my six mile walk with my group. I hope there are no dark clouds spoiling the prospect of your day and that the sun will shine if not in the sky in your heart this day. Have a good one. 

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