Thursday, 21 April 2016

Conversations Overheard.

Looking Back The Eighth Hole.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. it was so nice I just could not stay indoors at all. I spent the morning cutting my lawns and then giving them a feed. I tidied up the borders then sat in the garden to read a chapter or so of my latest book. 

I then took the car and drove to a nearby nature reserve and went for a walk. The nature reserve is built around two smallish lochs. it has neatly prepared walking paths around each. It is possible to walk one or the other or combine the two to make one walk. The combined walk is only one and a half miles, so I would normally do this circuit three times to give a reasonable distance. 

yesterday I was on my second time round and I passed two proud grandparents walking with their grandson. They were all smiles and chatter obviously happy to be out and about with the young lad. Although he was able to walk well and talk even better the grandmother still had him on a harness for safety.

As I passed the grandmother made comment to me that I had been fast in my walk round the two lochs. before I got a chance to say anything the young lad made some comment about how he could be fast too if he did not have his grandad with him. We all just smiled.

Once again the honest thoughts of a child brings  a smile.

A very similar tale is that told me by another grandmother who had been out cycling with her granddaughter along a similar track to the one I was walking yesterday. The grandmother was enjoying the time with the young girl called Carol. Getting a bit wistful about it she said to Carol, 

"In ten years," I said, "you'll want to be with your friends and you won't go walking, biking, and swimming with me like you do now.

Carol shrugged, "In ten years you'll be too old to do all those things anyway." OUCH!
Another grandmother tells the story of taking her grandson to see the doctor.
While sitting in the reception awaiting out turn a woman wheeled an elderly man in in a wheelchair. The woman went to the receptionist desk and the man sat alone and silent.
The grandmother was just about to speak to the old man when the young boy slipped off his seat and walked over to the old man.
 Placing his hand on the man's hand, he said, "I know how you feel. My Mum makes me ride in a wheelchair  too."
One other little event that came to my mind as I walked happened again in the doctors waiting room.
A mother was sitting quietly in the waiting area nursing her child. A young girl walked over to watch. She was intrigued by what she was seeing and full of all sorts of questions which the mother with great patience answered.
After mulling over the answers, she remarked, " My mum has some of those, but I don't think she knows how to use them"
Looks like another lovely day here. I think I will cycle over to those two lochs park my bike and try a little run twice round. You never know there just might be some innocent child who will brighten my day. Maybe I might also be able to brighten the day of another it does not take much to bring a little smile to another. 

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