Tuesday, 21 March 2017

You cannot beat it.

Melrose Abbey.

I can never understand why people keep complaining about getting old, it is not as if it is a surprise, loads of teachers and adults told us that we had to remember that one day like them we would be old.

What was strange was that we never believed them and now we seem surprised that it has happened. I keep asking myself why I never noticed, why it has taken me all those years tone aware of what has been happening since for me away back in 1944.

There are loads of advantages.

As you get older one thing that is sure is that your secrets will be safe with friends. They cannot remember them either.

Like them I live in my own little world. That is ok because everybody there knows me.  People laugh when I tell them that I am past the age of health foods, for goodness sake at my age I need all the preservatives I can get.

I watch my friends around me and wonder when like them I will stop lying about my age and start bragging about how old I am.

I now and again do feel guilty about my concern for fitness. I do walk very regularly  but it is not like running, it is a slower kind of fitness. I often feel that I would be unstoppable, if I could only get started. I therefore decided to begin doing some exercises  and joined a gym. I decided to sign up for the aerobics class for seniors ( Like that seniors, not anything like old git that my pals call me). I went to the class, I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, I perspired and sweated. By the time I had got out of my outdoor gear and into my gym clothes the class had finished. So I have given that a miss.

Somebody told me to join a self help group. I thought about that and wondered how can you possibly have anything like a "self help group?" Think about that it seems like a contradiction.

Anyway time to stop boring you anymore about my raging process. The bottom line is you cannot stay young forever. But I have discovered you can stay immature for your entire life.

Now I hope I covered all the bases! I am having amnesia, dementia, and deja vu, all at the same time. I think I have forgotten this before.

Have a wonderful day and remember, the older you get , the fewer the things worth waiting in line for there is to worry about.




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