Friday, 17 March 2017

Two Roosters.

It made me sad to read of one of my friends who started off with six hens is now down to her last one. The others have all had a good life and have gone to wherever it is that the chi of dead chickens go. Now she is left with one.

This took me back to my days when I lived in Clackmannan and I ended up with a large number of hens. It all started with my getting twelve little chickens to have in the church on Easter Sunday. Sadly at the end of the service the chicken farm where they came from did not want them back. They did offer to kill them. 

I just could not get my head around this at all, so I built a henhouse and made a large run for them in one of the disused buildings in the back yard. It had no roof on it so it was ideal. 

The bottom line was that with my nature before long  I had over  forty hens of all kinds. 

This reminded me of the story of the Two Roosters. 

There were two roosters in the same chicken run. They were both very strong and beautiful looking birds. Both had a loud and strong cock a doodle do. 

The trouble is that neither rooster was will to tolerate the other. Two was one to many.

The day came when it had to be decided who stayed and who went. There followed and ferocious battle between the two. This battle went on and on for a long stretch of the morning. 

At last one of the roosters prevailed and the other with its tail between its legs went off to pastors new. 

Feeling full of pride and very confident in itself the victor flew up to a high spot and loudly proclaimed it presence.  Just at that moment a buzzard was flying past and seeing the rooster in full view swooped down and with its sharp talons grabbed it and took it off to its roost, it food for the next few days assured. 

It is a well known fact that pride often come before a fall.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling good about oneself but it is wise to feel good humbly.

Have a wonderful day. 

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