Monday, 27 March 2017

Todays Agenda.

A little sketch done at Elie on Saturday.

Oh how easy it is to get so busy that we have very little time for anything or anybody. I know that I have said this before, but I make absolutely no apologies for saying it again. The most important lesson my father ever taught me was that I should do one little kindness every day or if I could not manage that at least once a day bring a little smile to the face of another. 

I do my very best to do just that and most days I think I will manage, though there are days when I find myself in a dark spot and it can easily slip off the radar. 

I realised the other day there that at least two days had gone past when I might have slipped up. I might not have but I had not consciously made the effort. 

So as a way of compensation I decided to draw up a little correction agenda day to put matters right. 

So here was my agenda. 

Smile at a stranger.

Drop a coin where a child is almost sure to find it.

Learn something new and pass it on.

Tell someone I love them.

Give someone a hug.

Forgive somebody who has wronged me. 

Search my conscience and if needed apologise.

Tell at least one person that something they have done is marvellous.

Make somebody I do not know smile.

Ten things on my list. How did I get on. I managed to hit all ten in the one day and I am here to tell you who benefitted most from my days agenda.

Simple ME.

The stranger smiled back and actually said hello, he will not be a stranger next time I see him. I did drop the coin and on my return I noticed it had gone so mission accomplished, though I cannot guarantee it was a child but I did leave it where adults would not be looking.

I learned something new and I did pass it on but I am sure I will benefit from the learning of it. 

Believe it or not the rest of the list all came fairly easily and I will most surely feel all the better for it.  The sun shone and the day was good. 

I hope I do not just slip back, and once again hear the little voice of my father , "Do one good thing a day or at least make one person smile."

Have a marvellous day and remember the fact that you took time to read this makes my day so you can tick that off the agenda for today. 

Go on you know you want to try a little agenda. I could make it harder and say do it without Facebook or SMS. 

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