Thursday, 16 March 2017

Does it bite?


The number of times that I have been out running and some dog, usually a small breed has run up and gripped my ankle. So having a loving dog is not always a good thing for all. 

Usually after the dog had gripped my ankle and drawn blood the owner would shout out to, "He only wants to play," or another one, "It is because your are dressed in bright clothes he just wants to chase you."

I have lost count of the number of times I have been bitten but have plenty scars to tell the tales. 

Of course the other well known and famous one was, when you asked the question, "Does your dog bite?" "No!" was the reply. Then the dog would bite and when you made comment that they had said their dog did not bite they tell you, "Oh that is not my dog that is my neighbours dog."

Another very true story about a dog that I will never forget. 

A man lived in a street where the neighbour had a large black dog.  The dog had a propensity to barking. So when one day he saw his neighbour building a dog kennel in the back garden he thought that this was surely going to be the end of any quiet they might have. 

True enough once the kennel had been built and made watertight the dog was left in the back garden all day while the neighbour was at work. 

This meant that there was barking for a long portion of the day. John could just not get any quiet at all. His favourite daytime television was spoiled by a barking dog, reading his book was almost impossible. He found himself reading the same paragraph again and again and never getting to grips with the storyline. 

One day he and his wife were at home. She was in the kitchen the dog was in the garden next door. All of a sudden John burst through. "Thats it I have had enough," he said to his wife. "I am going to sort this out."

He stormed out the back door. About ten minutes later he returned. "Thats it he said."

His wife looked at him, "What did you do," she said, "the dog is still barking."

"I moved it into our back garden," he said, "lets see how much he likes it. 

Sometimes when anger take centre stage wisdom moves to the wings. 

Have a lovely day and remember there are no bad dogs just bad owners. I will remember that when I head off out to the woods to tiptoe through the poo bags and bagless poo that is a plenty. 

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